Atom Audit – Outpatient

Outpatient Medical Coding Audit Tool

Atom Audit provides a straightforward tool for managing audit processes in outpatient healthcare settings. It tracks audit projects in real-time, oversees coding practices, and creates reports to meet various needs. This system allows for easy monitoring of audit progress and quality, helping to identify areas for improvement. The reports are clear and actionable, useful for addressing issues in billing, staff performance, or financial management. By using Atom Audit, outpatient facilities can streamline their audit tasks, reduce manual work, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of their coding and billing. This leads to better compliance and financial health for the facility.

Endless possibilities

Within Atom Audit, you have the capability to run customized queries, enabling you to filter and analyze a wide range of outpatient data, including but not limited to the following:

  • Auditor
  • Code Type
  • Coder
  • Coder Agrees
  • Comments
  • Date of Service
  • Facility
  • Medical Record Number
  • Patient Account Number
  • Payor
  • Payor Detail
  • Project
  • Project Status
  • Project Tags
  • Provider
  • Reason For Change
  • Record Tags
  • Review Date
  • Review Status
  • Service Line
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Create impact with real data

Harness the potential of real data within Atom Audit to drive strategic decision-making that leads to impactful improvements for your organization.

  • Determine where education is most needed
  • Clinical documentation improvement
  • Focus areas for future audit Projects
  • Provide meaningful feedback to other departments
  • Implement targeted quality improvement initiatives


Metrics designed to tell the whole story

Atom Audit provides custom metrics for a detailed analysis of medical coding and billing, offering insights that paint a complete picture of your operations. It enables a deep dive into coding accuracy and operational effectiveness, highlighting areas of strength and those requiring attention.

Run accuracy reports by:

  • Project
  • Coder
  • Facility
  • Patient Type
  • Service Line
  • APC Reason
  • Service Line
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Comprehensive Solution for Outpatient Medical Facilities

Our tool is equipped with a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance the accuracy, compliance, and financial oversight of outpatient coding. It expertly identifies and validates CPT and HCPCS codes, ensuring they accurately reflect the patient's diagnosis and treatment, and proactively addresses any discrepancies or coding anomalies. Emphasizing patient safety and the quality of care, the tool cross-references coded data with quality measures, highlighting opportunities for healthcare improvement. It offers insights into the financial ramifications of coding practices through Reimbursement Impact analysis. We ensure precise documentation of diagnoses and conditions with ICD-10 CM validation and enhance coding consistency for outpatient services. The tool also adeptly assigns point of origin codes, crucial for monitoring patient flow, and checks patient status codes to guarantee accurate billing and streamline care progression.

APC (Ambulatory Payment Classification)

Ensures accurate assignment of APC codes, which are vital for outpatient billing and reimbursement

Multiple Patient Types

Supports auditing and coding for various patient types, accommodating different care settings and scenarios.

Reimbursement Impact

Analyzes the financial implications of coded data, helping healthcare providers understand how coding decisions affect reimbursement.

ICD-10-CM & ICD-10-PCS

Validates the accurate application of ICD-10 CM codes for diagnoses and conditions, and if included, ensures proper usage of ICD-10 PCS codes for procedures, enhancing overall coding accuracy.

CPT (Current Procedural Terminology)

Verifies the appropriate use of CPT codes, which are essential for billing and coding of medical procedures and services.

EM (Evaluation and Management)

Validates the coding of EM services, which are crucial for describing healthcare provider-patient interactions and billing.


Who We Are

Atom Audit, developed by Health Information Associates (HIA), a leading company in medical coding and auditing since 1992, combines user-friendliness with speed and intuitiveness in a coding review application. The platform features a customizable reporting dashboard designed to streamline the audit process from start to finish. Initially crafted and honed for over three decades to meet HIA's internal and client reporting needs, the platform's proven success and effectiveness led to its evolution into Atom Audit. This transition was driven by client demand, as they recognized the tool's value in enhancing their auditing processes and showed a keen interest in leveraging Atom Audit for their needs. Atom Audit distinguishes itself by enabling users to easily translate comprehensive audit findings into practical actions, thanks to its detailed and actionable insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a coding audit tool improve the efficiency of an outpatient clinic?

By automating the review process, the tool quickly identifies coding errors or inconsistencies, reducing the time and effort required for manual audits. This leads to faster billing cycles and improved overall operational efficiency.

What is the cost-benefit of implementing a coding audit tool in an outpatient clinic?

While there is an upfront cost, the long-term benefits include reduced errors, enhanced compliance, improved reimbursement rates, and greater overall operational efficiency.

Can the tool help in identifying areas for staff training and development?

Yes, by highlighting common coding errors and trends, the tool can indicate areas where staff may need additional training or resources.