Empowering teams with a streamlined approach

Managing your organization's audit process is simple. Atom Audit supports Acute Inpatient and Outpatient, Professional Fee and Ambulatory Surgery Centers all for one annual fee. See below for some of our most frequently asked questions.

Why do I need a coding audit tool?

With a coding audit tool you can improve your current auditing staff’s efficiency, meaning that you can review more accounts using your existing staff on a daily/weekly basis, saving your organization time and money.  

With a coding audit tool you will have the instant ability to see stats and pinpoint where a coder needs education/focused training, enabling you to stop coding errors and denials real time. 

A coding audit tool gives you the ability to manage your review data, making it easier to identify trends.  

Do I need a coding audit tool to do a medical coding review?

No. However, using a coding audit platform can not only replace your outdated processes and antiquated spreadsheets, but can improve the entire audit workflow – increasing auditor efficiency, data integrity, improving data analytics capabilities, providing comparative data, identifying trends, and creating performance improvement plans based on audit insights.

How much do coding audit tools cost?

Cost among coding audit tools vary. Market research shows that the cost of one auditor can be as much as $800/month.

How much does Atom Audit cost?

One user costs less than $15/day for our Essentials Package, which gives you access to our Inpatient, Outpatient and Professional Fee modules.

How does a coding audit platform improve collaboration amongst HIM departments?

A coding audit platform plays a pivotal role in improving collaboration among Health Information Management (HIM) departments.

By providing a centralized access point and communication hub, HIM professionals can easily share information, discuss coding challenges, and seek clarification on coding queries within the platform. Real-time collaboration becomes a reality as team members can work simultaneously on coding audits, review findings, and provide instant feedback regardless of their geographical locations.

The platform's workflow management features further enhance collaboration by allowing HIM departments to assign coding tasks, track progress, and monitor team members' performance.

Documentation and commenting features enable professionals to document coding decisions, leave comments for review, and promote knowledge sharing. Additionally, coding audit platforms often offer educational resources and comprehensive reporting capabilities, empowering HIM departments to continuously learn, improve, and monitor performance. Through streamlined collaboration, these platforms foster consistent coding practices, compliance, and efficiency, ultimately benefiting patient care and revenue optimization.  

How is Atom Audit billed?

Atom Audit’s is billed per auditor/year. You can purchase coders and read-only users for a bundled price.

How many auditors can use Atom Audit?

Unlimited. Atom can support an unlimited number of auditors.

Does Atom Audit require installation?

No. Atom is a cloud based software. You can access Atom from anywhere, anytime.

What is the onboarding process?

Getting started is easy and requires minimal support from your IT organization. Our team will guide you through the onboarding process and ensure a successful implementation.

What if I need to add additional auditors after onboarding?

If you need to increase the total number of users after contract implementation, we can prorate the cost of an additional user.

How do you upload records into Atom Audit to perform the review?

HIA can help you import your records into Atom from a direct file and set up advanced mappings with data transformation, or we can explore direct integration with your EMR.

After implementation, do I have the ability to update and manage data dictionaries?

Managers can easily update lists to ensure data integrity including by coder, payer, provider, custom modifier, etc.

Does Atom Audit include a rebuttal process?

Yes, Atom includes a Coder Response Workflow keeping the rebuttal communication in one place for easy reference. Coders are notified when records are ready for their responses to view and comment. Once the coder responds, the auditor can adjust and make final recommendations.

Does Atom Audit offer insights into the review?

Atom reports show individualized coder accuracy rates, financial impacts, and code level statistics. Results from any audit can be viewed online or downloaded via our reports dashboard.

Can I schedule future reviews in Atom Audit?

Yes, with Atom’s calendar dashboard you can schedule future compliance reviews making sure you don’t miss critical deadlines.